International logistics knowledge

What is International Logistics

International logistics, also known as global logistics, refers to an international commodity transaction or exchange activity where production and consumption are carried out independently in two or more countries, in order to overcome the spatial and temporal distance between production and consumption, and physically move goods, thus achieving the ultimate goal of international commodity transactions. This is to achieve the seller delivering documents, goods, and receiving payment, while the buyer accepts documents Trade terms for payment and receipt of goods.

What is an export tax refund?

Export tax refund refers to a measure taken by the state to use tax leverage to reward exports. There are generally two types: one is the refund of import tax, which refers to the refund of the import tax already paid by the export product enterprise when processing imported raw materials or semi-finished products into products for export; One is to refund the domestic tax already paid, that is, when the enterprise declares and exports the goods, it refunds the domestic tax already paid for the production of the goods.

What is tariff prepayment?

Tariff prepayment refers to DDP, which refers to the seller in China assisting the customer in completing customs clearance and paying taxes at the designated location. The seller is responsible for all risks and expenses of transporting the goods to the designated destination, including the responsibility and risk of handling customs related procedures, as well as paying handling fees, tariffs, taxes, and other fees.

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