Classification of ordinary goods, sensitive goods and Contraband goods

Classification of ordinary goods

Ordinary goods: goods excluding sensitive goods and Contraband goods

Classification of sensitive goods

Sensitive goods: electromagnetic goods, unstable goods such as liquid paste and powder, goods easy to involve brand disputes, various goods that may involve biological invasion, gold, silver, expensive artworks and other valuable goods that are easy to cause Moral hazard.

Among them, products containing batteries or magnetic materials may generate magnetic fields or electromagnetic waves that interfere with electronic signals during the transportation of goods.

Due to the instability of paste, liquid, and powder products, direct exposure to containers during sea navigation can easily lead to physical explosions due to heat generation, making them restricted for transportation. However, various products that are prone to brand disputes are generally restricted for transportation due to legal limitations of different brands in various countries.

For food that may involve biological invasion, some types of food may have the introduction of living animals and plants, which may lead to biological invasion in the ecological crisis. Therefore, the customs is strict in the review of food commodities, while high-value commodities may be easily lost due to improper transportation or storage, causing Moral hazard factors, so they are sensitive goods

classification of contraband goods

what is contraband? contraband is product that is prohibited of law in many conutry. therefore,for international logistics company contraband is forbid of transport. The contraband include gunpowder,gun and narcotics etc.

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